I think every kid has had the thought of calling 911 on their parents but this 10 year old boy was brave enough to actually call over his bedtime.  I know plenty of times I heard my mother says, "You better not call 911 on me unless I'm killing you."  Well, if I were this ten year old boy, I would have gotten a whopping that seemed like a killing. 

According to TV5, a Massachusetts boy called the police because he wanted to stay up passed his bedtime.  The parents wanted him to be sleep by 8pm but he thought otherwise.  He reached for the phone and dialed 9-1-1.  The dispatcher informed the lad that they could not help me.

According to the dispatcher notes, a police officer was sent to the home to instruct the young man when it or is not the right time to call the police. No one was officially charged or ticketed.

If you were the parents of the 10 year old boy, how would you have handled this incident after the police left your home?