With the release of Pusha-T's album 'My Name is My Name' today I created a list of Life changing quotes from every song. The G.O.O.D. Music artist came with some insane lyrical content for 'M.N.I.M.'

You can cop the album in stores today or from iTunes. In the mean time, check out the quotes and interpret at your own risk. Comment below your thoughts or quotable lyrics from Pusha-T's music.

  • 1

    King Push

    "This is my time, this is my hour

    This is my pain, this is my name, this is my power

    If it's my reign, then it's my shower

    This pole position, I made a lane cause they blocked ours"

    Pusha T
  • 2

    Numbers on The Board

    "Ballers - I put numbers on the boards

    Can't a bitch live and say I bought her Michael Kors?

    Every car driven was decided by the horse

    Keep the sticker in the window 'case you wonder  what it cost "

    Pusha T
  • 3

    Sweet Serenade

    "The Sergio Tacchini life we uphold

    You just posing for them pics so you can upload

    Yeah! This the life that we made

    Gun shots in the dark like a sweet serenade,"

    Pusha T
  • 4

    Hold On

    "No reading, no writing, made us savage of men

    They praying for jail but I mastered the pen

    Descendant from kings, we at it again

    Just hand me the crown, I'm active again

    Everything that it seems, hear my passion again

    Was never my dream, the immaculate win"

    Pusha T
  • 5


    "Like the bible don't burn like these bullets don't spiral

    Like I can't see the scene that you mirror in your idol

    But a pawn’s only purpose is completely suicidal

    Oh, suicide, it's a suicide

    I'm just talking to the world like it's you and I"

    Pusha T
  • 6

    40 Acres

    "Rich, and I'm the only one I care about

    Place none above me, God don't like ugly

    Hate me or love me, only he can judge me"

    Pusha T
  • 7

    No Regrets

    "If I leave today throw the keys away

    But I'mma live today, I wanna see tomorrow

    I wanna lead the way..."

    Pusha T
  • 8

    Let Me Love You

    " I ain't tryna guide you, hand on bible

    But Instagram pics show more than side views

    30 dollar new catsuits is not cute

    And 50 comments on ass is not fluke"

    Pusha T
  • 9

    Who I Am

    "They said be all you can be

    They said be all you can be

    I just wanna buy another Rollie

    I just wanna pop another band

    I just wanna be dope forever

    I just wanna be who I am"

    Pusha T
  • 10


    "20 plus years of selling Johnson & Johnson

    I started out as a baby face monster

    No wonder there's diaper rash on my conscience

    My teething ring was numbed by the nonsense"

    Pusha T
  • 11


    "With a mask and a glove, and a team of lawyers to run the train on the judge

    It's no risk without gain, there's no trust without shame

    It's no us without Caine

    Push. My name is my name. In the kitchen with a cape on, apron Tre-eight on, coulda been Trayvon

    But instead I chose Avon, colored face like a geisha"

    Pusha T
  • 12


    "So much for death before dishonor

    Might as well have a robe and gavel like your honor

    I just sit and wonder, play it by the numbers

    When you ride like lightning then you crash like thunder"

    Pusha T