A fella celebrating his 21st birthday in Lilburn, GA got some weed laced with bath salts and ended up golfing naked and threatening to eat cops.

He smoked a joint before going out golfing but didn't know the pot he had was laced with bath salts. He grabbed a gold club and ran around a course naked and hitting balls at will.

When cops showed up they pepper sprayed him but he didn't flinch. He kept his eyes open and charged the officers. Then tased him but he got right back up.

They ended up tasing him a total of 14 times and had lots of cops trying to hold him down while he shouted "I'ma eat you" over and over while shouting nonsense about Biggie and Tupac.

He was given some sedatives which calmed him down until shortly after getting to the hospital when he attacked the staff and had to be subdued again.

They eventually got him under control and arrested him.