One of the best videos on the net today is 2Chainz animated interview explaining why he charges $100k for a feature on a song.  The ATL emcee is blowing up every verse he raps and now we see why. 

2Chainz gave a hilarious and animated interview about how he makes his money.  When asked what all does someone get for $100k US dollars, Chainz revealed,

"I'm going to come to your video. I'm going to change clothes twice, they'll never see that outfit again, and its going to be swag. I'm going to give you bars, wear fancy glasses, a bunch of chains you never seen.... I can help you!"

You have to hear the 'No Lie' emcee break things down to your understanding.  If you're looking to get him on your next track, cough up the dough.  Do you think 2Chainz is worth $100k for a feature?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.