Today at 1:45pm, rapper 2Chainz was arrested for weapon charges.  When I first heard the story, I immediately thought he was arrested for not having his medical marijuana card on him. But that wasn't true, the homie was arrested for having brass knuckles in his bag when trying to board a flight.

2Chainz was arrested for having brass knuckles which is a misdemeanor charge in the State of New York.  The Def Jam rapper was on his way to North Carolina when arrested.  Doesn't look like things will slow him down.

2 Chainz -- real name Tauheed Epps (who also goes by the name Tity Boi) -- was entering the Delta terminal to fly to a show in North Carolina ... when the TSA discovered brass knuckles in his bag.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... police were called to the scene ... and 2 Chainz was taken into custody for misdemeanor possession of a criminal weapon at 1:45 local time.