If you had to choose between your favorite food or sex for one year, which would you pick?  If your grumbling stomach got the best of you, don't worry you definitely aren't alone.

A survey shows that close to 40 percent of them would choose their favorite food over sex for a year.

And chocolate ice cream would be the best option.

About 32 percent of both men women said that if they were forced to choose, they'd rather give up sex for a year than their favorite food. 39 percent of women said this, while only 16 percent of single men would do the same.

It's not just singles though, in a survey of 3,500 people in committed relationships, 28 percent say they'd eat over getting naughty.

The top foods that people would choose over sex were chocolate (26 percent) and steak (25 percent). Also popular were pizza, cookies or other baked goods, ice cream, chips, Italian dishes and lobster.

Some odd dishes people liked over orgasms: Caprese salad, fresh fruit, sushi, gummy candy and pancakes.