I didn't see Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's performance on SNL until this morning but I did find 5 random moments that I want to share with you.  I am not going to act as if this is must watch TV but you'll sure to at least chuckle watching the video below.

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    Lady Gaga looked like Betty White

    With the over sized blonde hair and bedazzled granny pants, Gaga surely looked like Betty White on stage as if Betty was reliving her dream of a singer.

    Toby Canham, Getty Images
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    Isn't R. Kelly too old for Lady Gaga

    R. Kelly is in full comeback mode but I thought he was after the more mature audience?  I felt like the performance was like the past and present met at a WWE cage match that no one wanted to see.


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    R. Kelly came out of no where.

    At the 1:17 mark of the video, where did R. Kelly come from?  I know it was from the side of stage but I felt that was an extremely weird entrance.

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    What was R. Kelly wearing?

    I think 'Mr. Feelin On Your Booty' was dressed by Kanye West.  Was that long white t-shirt or a white kilt?

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    Lady Gaga horrible dancing was too funny

    I do not expect to see Lady Gaga dance like Beyonce but whatever she was doing was so awkward and funny.  The whole twerk moment was random and the laying on the floor working out with R. Kelly was another head scratching moment.