50 Cent was on Piers Morgan's CNN show, where Morgan admitted he listens to Fiddy's "In Da Club" while he works out. Piers told 50: "No one is going to believe me when I say this. But I work out to that song. Literally, it's on my iPod."

He admitted that when he was shot nine times at point-blank range in his hometown, it was a "life-changing experience" that inspired him to focus on his music full-time. He also wanted to make sure his 6-year-old son, who is now 15, didn't take the same path. The shooting left 50 Cent with multiple injuries including a broken leg, cracked hip, and shattered bones. He still has shrapnel in his tongue.

He said he actually sings better with the shrapnel, and that his voice before he got shot "was only strong enough to make people aware of me in a 10-block radius."

50 said he's lucky that the track has the lyric:

"It's your birthday," because "every day is someone's birthday, so it's relevant all over again." He also referred to the joint as "the old reliable. If a DJ can't move the crowd, that's what he puts on."

Morgan asked 50 to tell him what motivates him as an artist.

He said:

"Even when I was standing on the corner, I was standing there with an entrepreneurial spirit. I was just standing there because there were no opportunities or options for me in that early stage."