50 Cent is talking about the Fabolous and Ray J fight that took place over the weekend.

In an interview he backed both mens version of what happened, saying that Ray J did swing on Fab, but he missed.

New video  shows 50 apparently instigating the fight between Fab and Ray J.  The crazy part is that once the first punch is thrown, 50 Cent is the man trying to break it up, check it out below.

I won't say that something like this was bound to happen, but when you get guys like 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather and Ray J in the same room, something is going to happen.

The most surprising thing might be that Ray J hopped on Twitter to apologize for his reckless talk during a radio interview.


Check out the video of the fight, and let us know if you think 50 is going all "Don King" in Ray J's ear.