Flint has hidden gems all around the downtown area. These spots are what people always overlook whether driving down the bricks or just passing through Flint, you will not be able to appreciate the city until you explore the enriched tradition and lively hot spots of Downtown filled with progression, art, music, and great food.


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    City Hall

    We all know the city is under fire at the moment. Why not go voice your opinion at the headquarters of all major political action. I AM NOT SAYING GO BECOME A NUISANCE, just stop by the suggestion box and leave a note or two.

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    Riverbank Park

    Stretching 10 acres around the bank of the Flint River, Riverbank Park is one aspect of Downtown Flint everyone should experience. Characterized by geometric concrete walks and angular walls, the grand amphitheater gives the park an island like feel.

    The Grand Fountain, located on the northbank features a cascading waterfall and walkway on the water. Grand Fountain is a perfect spot for a hot summer day or evening stroll.

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    F.A.I.M. Boutique

    Sisters and Flint Natives Marquitta and Me'Juana Harris opened FAIM Boutique in December 2012. Their motto, "For All Individuals Moving Up" is clearly stated on its walls and in the promotion and branding of local designers and artist's custom pieces.  The sisters created FAIM as a positive outlet for the Flint and surrounding communities where they want everyone to know each person who walks thru their door to know they are "FAIMOUS."

    You can find different couture clothing including work attire, everyday attire, accessories and custom pieces for the individual that wants to enhance their originality. FAIM specializes in helping you, "be your own kind of beautiful!"

    F.A.I.M. is located on 649 S. Saginaw Street.

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    Paul's Pipe Museum

    Paul's Pipe Museum is located in the back of Paul's Pipe Shop. Paul's Pipe Shop has been in business for over 84 years, standing the test of time and change within the city is a major reason why you should visit Paul's Pipe Museum.

    Paul's has the largest collection of Pipes in Michigan with a variety of personal tobacco blends made specifically for you. Oh you do not smoke, cool, well stop in Paul's and chat with the 100 year old owner Paul T. Spaniola, I am sure he can enlighten you on the city of Flint from a successful entrepreneurs point of view.

    Paul's Pipe Shop is located in the heart of Downtown on 647 S. Saginaw St.

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    Torch Bar & Grill

    The Torch Bar has been serving downtown Flint for over 50 years. Just a few minutes walk from main street downtown Saginaw Street. The relaxed, casual atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind with co-workers and friends.

    Whether you are stopping in after a long day at the office, chilling out after a final exam or just want to get together with friends, the Torch will make you feel at home.

    The Torch is THE Downtown place for drinks, conversation and fun. The Torch is Flint’s old time pub with an award-winning hamburgers.

    Torch is located on 522 Buckham Alley, Downtown Flint.

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    Hoffman's Deco Deli & Cafe

    Just north of Riverbank Park, Hoffman's Deco Deli is the epitome of the classic coffee shop. The Decor itself is all referenced around the golden age of the 50s and 60s. Hoffman's is small in sight, but the healthy wholesome and quality foods are what keep the college students and city executives wanting more.

    When you stop in make sure you have the house self serve Deco Yogurt, 4 flavors, 18 toppings, and  49 cent an ounce. If yogurt is not your thing, I know you like sandwiches. Hoffman's has a variety selection of subs made from natural crust out of Fenton.

    If that does not draw you in, maybe the Carriage Town Antique Center located in the back will. Featuring some of the rarest antique trinkets, this is definitely a place full of fine china.

    Hoffman's is located on 503 Garland Street.