Three rappers came to the Club 937 studio to participate in week 5 of the #60SecondChallenge.

The ‘Best Rapper In Flint’ list is about to get a shake up with the #60SecondChallenge contest. Here’s the breakdown…

Each week 3 rappers will be invited to the Club studio to participate in the #60SecondChallenge.

Rappers will have 60 seconds to spit bars. There will be no beat.

There is no going over the 60 second mark. You have exactly 60 seconds to shine.

The three videos each week will be posted on the Club 937 website and on our YouTube page.

Rappers will have from Wednesday when the video is posted to Monday at 4pm to get votes.

Votes are generated by YouTube VIEWS and YouTube LIKES. Facebook likes and comments will NOT be counted.

Both YouTube views and YouTube likes will be added up at 4pm on Monday. The winner will be announced shortly after.

Winner of the #60SecondChallenge will be invited back to the studio for an exclusive 8-1-Show interview.

Below are 3 rappers from the area for Week 5 of the #60SecondChallenge. This weeks contenders are Vega, Swank Galato, And DJ Da Dope Boy. Check out the videos, go to the YouTube channel, and cast your vote.