We all know that downtown Flint is one the best places to hang out in our beloved city. The 'Vehicle City' is turning around and there are just a few things we wish we had downtown.  Here are seven things that we wish were placed near Saginaw Street.  

Can you imagine hearing people say, 'I'm heading downtown to shop and get a massage.' Instead of having to everything separated by distance, what if we could have everything we wanted in one location?

  • Movie Theater

    It would be great if we could have a nice movie theater to watch some of the biggest blockbuster films.

    If the theater could run specials for special events like Crim Race and Back To The Bricks.

  • Manicured Park / Ice Skating Rink

    Having a well manicured park downtown would great to have to hang out with friends and family.  I've never been to a park to just walk around or have picnics.  What about an outdoor ice skating rink?  Flint is cold enough to have one.

  • Bowling Alley

    I think a bowling alley downtown would bring a lot of together to enjoy strikes, spares, and gutter balls.

    I'm thinking more like Lucky Stripes style of bowling alley.

  • Department Store

    I don't think we need a mall downtown because that would be too awesome.  Residents in Flint may remember when Montgomery Ward was downtown.

    Bring a department store downtown Flint and watch the shoppers come out.

  • Move Atwood Stadium Downtown

    Atwood Stadium is a staple in our community but in our perfect world, we'll move it downtown.  I know there is not a lot of space but we can make room.

    Think about having all the area high school football games downtown and how exciting Friday night lights would be.

  • Re-Open the Capitol Theater

    The Capitol Theater is already downtown so we just need to re-open the historic landmark.  Our #UpNext concerts are great at the Flint Local 432 but what if we have a superstar artist perform at the Capitol?

  • A state of the art High School

    The Flint Community schools are turning things around but I think it would be great to have a state of the art high school in downtown Flint.  We do not have a lot of students to spread them out, place them in a great building downtown.