A big congratulations goes out to 810 Local Flow winner Taz Neon who actually racked up over half of the votes for this round.

Taz Neon or the "Pop Ni**a Extraordinaire" as it said on his Facebook page is a artist out of Port Huron that is like no other artist I have heard. His demo actually set on a desk for months before it was even discovered, But once it was finally time to pic the contestants his style stuck out like Kim K at the welfare office.

When you first listen to his music you automatically try to put it in a category but its just hard to pick what category you want to put him in. He tells stories with one song raps over a rock beat in another then does one song as if it is a big joke. But one thing stays the same with every selection of music he does his style stays true to who it is and that is instantly noticeable.

Taz Neon - 'Rockin My World'


To hear more from Taz Neon you can check out his page at www.reverbnation.com/tazneon