Whoever thinks that selling drugs is cool should really rethink the entire situation.  Lives and families are destroyed by drugs and that is terrible outcome.  Usually when you describe a drug dealer, you think of someone young, nope.  A 84 year old woman has been indicted for drug trafficking chargers, again.

Lillie Smith, of New Mexico, uses a oxygen tank and that can seriously fool you.  Smith has been is accused of masterminding a drug trafficking operation from her apartment.  Initially, the cops thought Smith's son, Nathan Jones, was the ring leader, wrong.

Police quickly turned their attention to Smith after finding her stashing the drugs and tampering with evidence.  After researching her history, police found out that she had previously plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of drug trafficking in 1990s.

Police had found cocaine and marijuana on the 84 year old woman when they legally searched the home.  Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Aaron Williamson revealed that they had seized money, scales, and narcotics from the apartment.

Smith was really the drug king/queen in New Mexico.  In addition to her trafficking charges, Lillie received tampering evidence and possession charges.

If you knew your 84 year old mother or grandmother was trafficking drugs, would you rat her out?  Leave your response below in the comment section.