I believe every parent should stick up for their kids when it is needed.  However we all know that parent that takes thing a little too far.  Today I came across a father who is suing a New Jersey high school for $40 million because his son was kicked off the track team. 

Ervin Mears Jr. has become the dad no one wants to claim.  Ervin is suing the school system after his son was kicked off the track team. Ervin's son, Mawusimensah Mears, was released from the team after his father continued to harass the track coach.

Ervin felt the coach wasn't placing his son in the best races to maximize his son's potential. Ervin was so persistent in his opinion to Sterling Regional High School in Camden, New Jersey, that the head coach kicked the son of the track team to prevent dealing with the dad.

Here is a classic tale of the father doing too much.  After harassing the head coach, Ervin believes he's entitled to $40 million and varsity letters and jackets.  What is really mind blowing is the dad is forgetting about his son's experience through the entire ordeal.  Now, Ervin's son has to go to school as the son of the father who's an idiot.

Do you think child protection services should step in and cool this dad down?  Leave your response below in the comment section.

via Complex