The saying goes kids will be kids and high school pranks are normal.  A Missouri teen was arrested and charged with a felony for her end of the year prank.  I don't think charging her with a felony was the right punishment but you the school has make an example out of someone. 

Kaitlyn Booth was over the school yearbook committee and thought the great lasting memory of her senior year would be to deliver a prank.  Booth decided to change the last name of her classmate to 'Masturbate.' Yeah, she was fully committed to this prank.

Booth decided to humiliate Raigan Mastian and cost Hickman High School $41,000.  Raigin was not upset about the prank especially after having a low-interaction relationship with Booth prior to the yearbook prank. Raigan said she was "annoyed" more than angry about the prank.

Raigan decided to keep things positive despite the humiliating act.

"What she did wasn't right," she said, "but I don't think it should affect her for the rest of her life."

I understand the school system's stance on being strict on pranks to set an example but felony charges could ruin Booth's life moving forward.  At some point the punishment should be reduced.  I think Booth has learned her lesson.

Do you think Booth should have a felony property damage on her record for this prank?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via Gawker