Yesterday, we told you about a woman who was assaulted in Flint over a cigarette and that was crazy.  Today, we find out a Sacramento woman assaulted a police officer to help her quit smoking cigarettes. 

Ette Lopez, a 31 year old Sacramento resident, waited outside the county jail for the perfect time to slap a police officer.  She was successful in her endeavor and was arrested.  After being taken jail, Lopez told the law enforcement officers she just wanted to get locked up.

Surprised, the officers asked her why she wanted to get locked up and she replied that she wanted to quit smoking cigarettes.  Lopez knew that California jails are smoke free and decided getting locked was the best choice to kick the dangerous habit.

Deputy Matt Campoy told local CBS affiliate about the assault,

“All of a sudden, she stepped into me and slapped me in the face,” he said.

I don't think the woman needs help quit smoking, I think Lopez needs her life skills enhanced.  The decision to assault a police officer at the jail is mad stupid but for the reason of quitting smoking takes stupid to another level.  I hope she learns her lesson and achieves her goal but for today, she's become the idiot of the day.

Leave your thoughts about this bizarre way of quitting the habit of smoking cigarettes in the comment section.