Aaliyah's top five songs should be chosen from a list much longer than what is available to us today. 10 Years ago today Aaliyah and eight other passengers were killed in a tragic plane crash. While her life and musical career were cut so short, her legend has only grown. Aaliyah's impact on the music industry is undeniable, so it only makes sense to count down her best five songs.

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    'Back And Forth'


    'Back And Forth' is the song that I would use to introduce Aaliyah to someone who has never heard her music before. The main reason is that 'Back And Forth' is the song that introduced Aaliyah to the world. She had made big hits but this is when the professional relationship between her and R. Kelly peaked. 'Back And Forth' could easily be on top of the five best Aaliyah songs.

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    'Try Again'


    'Try Again' is from the 'Romeo Must Die' soundtrack and in my opinion is the single most important song to Aaliyahs career. The song went seamlessly into her acting debut, and started to show her potential to become an iconic musician and actress. 'Try Again' also showcased the sound that would dominate music for a few years featuring Timbaland. 'Try Again' is an important song, but not her best song, so it takes the fourth spot on Aaliyahs top five songs.

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    'Rock The Boat'


    Watching the video for 'Rock The Boat' still gives me chills. Just knowing that the beach scenes from this video were shot hours before the tragic plane crash that killed Aaliyah and eight others. Keep in mind that you are looking at Aaliyah at the peak of her short career. She was establishing herself as a top tier actress, and was on her way to iconic music status. 'Rock The Boat' is the third best Aaliyah song, but will always be the last time we all saw her.

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    '4 Page Letter'


    '4 Page Letter' was not a song I would have originally put on my list of five best Aaliyah songs. The Club 93.7 Facebook fans spoke up, to put this at the number two spot. While Aaliyah did have a strong mainstream following, her die hard fan base see her best songs a little different. '4 page letter' was not her biggest chart hit, but it definitely hit a personal spot with her fans.

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    'One In A Million'


    Was there any doubt that 'One In A Million' would be at the top of the five best Aaliyah songs? 'One In A Million' is the song that personifies Aaliyah to me. I am in no way an Aaliyah super fan, so I know that there will be many disagreements. What songs would be on your list of the five best Aaliyah songs.