Yesterday I was hit up by several people about the Adidas JS Roundhouse Mid which are now famously known as the Adidas Shackles.  One of Adidas top designers, Jeremy Scott, is known for producing some wild and crazy sneakers that get sneaker lovers buzzing.  Well it seems as if his latest creation has backfired due to the spin media.

Adidas and Jeremy Scott produced the Adidas JS Roundhouse Mid which was inspired by the terrible trend of sneakers being stolen from sneakerheads.  The sneaker design was to play off the thought of your sneakers being so dope that you will need to handcuff them to your ankles to prevent them from being stolen.  The idea was great in theory but terrible in execution by Adidas.  When the spin media got a hold of the sneaker, they went on a field trip.  Rightfully so? I don’t know.

As a black male who love sneakers I think people are overreacting just a little bit.  The Adidas JS Roundhouse Mid is more of an ugly shoe than it is offensive.  If the media wouldn’t have branded the sneaker ‘Shackles,’ I probably would have overlooked it.  But since I can’t reverse what other media outlets have done, I can see how people could find this offensive.  I find it ironic that people like Jessie Jackson, who is clearly not a sneakerhead, has something to say about the poor judgment Adidas used when making and marketing this sneaker.  “Jessie Jackson, sit yo’ butt down and close your mouth.”

I think anytime something gets attached to slavery, people start taking things to another level without really analyzing the motive.  I don’t know Jeremy Scott or anyone at Adidas, Inc. and I highly doubt the motive was to exploit slavery.  Once again I want to be clear; I think the execution of the idea was poorly done.  Everyone is overreacting just a little.  The overreaction is spreading like wildfire.  Chill out on the shackles sneaker, please.