Mike Mika is a game developer and most important, dad to a three year old girl.  Mike encourages his girl to play video games, but both noticed that there is a lack of girl heroes in the games.

Mike explained that his daughter played Super Mario Bros. 2 as Princess Toadstool, and couldn't understand why she couldn't play as Pauline in Donkey Kong.

After all, why should Mario be the only hero in the game?  Pauline is more than capable of jumping flaming barrels and climbing countless ladders.

The point is that every dad should make sure that their daughters know that they are strong enough to do anything they want.  Just because our society always puts a man in the hero roll, doesn't mean that little girls have to listen.  Salute to Mike and all the dads out there that are doing whatever has to be done to make sure their little girls grow up to be strong, confident women.