If you work in the restaurant business as a server, you hate the idea of dining and dashing.  Some people think it is cool but really it's super weak sauce.  Anthony Malabehar has learned the hard way about dining and dashing because he was recently sentenced to three years in jail.  Check please.

Malabehar has plead guilty for this typical misdemeanor crime.  Less than a month later, he decided to try it again.  We're not sure what he order for the first dine and dash but he went for the luxury plate in Illinois.

The criminal diner ordered a luxury plate of filet, lobster, snickers pie, and alcoholic beverages totaling $70.  When it was time to pay, the server asked him to pay the bill, Malabehar replied,

"I need to tell you a secret. I don't have any money."

Malabehar was sentenced to three years in jail for his latest stunt after the judge looked over his criminal record.  The dine and dash king has been arrested 70 times and has 13 convictions for theft.  I think the judge made the right call but who knew dining and dashing could get someone 3 years in jail and a felony record.

Do you think Malabehar is mentally ill or just the ultimate freeloader?  Leave your response below in the comment section.