Blue Ivy is now safe and sound at home with Beyonce and Jay Z.

The couple had to sneak their baby out of the hospital in the wee hours of the  morning to avoid the paparazzi.

Hospital officials confirmed that Jay and B left the grounds at 1:30am Tuesday morning in a van surrounded by black SUV's.

Now, as any parent knows, comes the hard part!  The first weeks at home with a new baby are some of the most nerve racking of your life.

Don't worry to much though, as Blue will have a huge support group and plenty of new gifts to play with.

According to Australia's News Network, B and Jay have already spent $1 million on baby items including a Swarovski crystal-studded high chair, a solid gold rocking horse, and a mini Bugatti.

Us Weekly adds that they also purchased a $3,500 Lucite crib.

Then, there's Oprah Winfrey's gift(s), Oprah sent over a "trunk" of children's books to Blue Ivy Carter.


What advice would you give to Beyonce and Jay Z for the first months?