Beyonce and Andre 3000 came together once again for 'Back to Black.' The duo's first collaboration track since 'Party' off of Beyonce's '4' album will be featured on 'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack. Just as her husband did, this track is only a preview, but it is an extended version of the preview earlier during the month.

Continuing the New Music Monday and ironically 'The Great Gatsby' tradition this snippet will have you wishing it was May 7. 

Beyonce and Andre 3000 add a new twist to the Amy Winehouse hit by slowing it down and adding more edge to it. If anyone is not happy about this remix it is the father of Amy Winehouse, Mitch.  Whom according to Daily Mail said the following statements in response to hearing the single:

 I don’t think she brings anything to it.

I wasn’t asked for my permission if they could record it.

They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing. I can’t tell you how much it is but it’s a lot of money

You be the judge, listen to the track below and let me know how you feel about Beyonce's rendition.