It seems like children films are better than anything released for adults.  If you love tons of celebrities and happy endings, you are going to love the 'Epic' movie when it drops this summer.  Beyonce will make her animated cameo in the 'Epic' film, check out the trailer.

Bey released a very controversial snippet of her new song 'Bow Down' this week and got the internet buzzing.  The same day, Keyshia Cole decided to take shots at the Beyonce Throne.  It wasn't a good move because Bey came right back this trailer to prove her strong star power.

In the film, Bey voices for Queen Tara in which from the trailer is an angelic character.  The wife of Jay-Z talked about her excitement for this movie role.

“I’ve always imagined being in an animated film. I’ve always wanted to be a queen,” said B. “Queen Tara is very important in Epic. She’s preserved the beauty of her natural world and the safety of her people.”

Expect 'Epic' to hit theaters on May 18th with an all star cast of great actors.  Do you think Beyonce will do a great job in this film or will it be a waste of time?


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