Big Sean dropped his third vlog, 'Reality' this week featuring a behind the scenes look at his Detroit show, but what's most interesting is that he reveals that he is a follower of 'The Secret'.

Will Smith, Oprah and Ellen are a few of the high profile celebrities that preach 'The Law Of Attraction' better known as 'The Secret'.

If you don't know what 'The Secret' is all about, check out this introduction video.  It's an intriguing concept that isn't really a secret anymore, but it still catches me off guard to hear people talk about it.

Everyone believes The Secret works differently for them, but the one thing stays the same . . . the amazing success of the people who preach it.

I don't blame anyone for calling it a crock, or writing it off as a way for rich people to keep poor people in the dark.  I do think that the root message of The Secret is spot on, and will make anyone a happier person.  The simple concept of positivity attracting positivity is as basic as when your parents told you to treat others how you want to be treated.

Check out Big Sean's take on The Secret, that he calls 'Reality'.