The Finally Famous and Good Music superstar Big Sean just released his second studio Album 'Hall of Fame.' Now that he is living the life he spoke of through his music it is only right that a tribute to Big Sean and his Finally Famous 'Hall of Fame' moments be displayed.

I have compiled a list of moments that define Sean as the man he is and the Hall of Fame artist he plans to be. Big Sean is a testament of working to a goal, cop the CD and keep it locked with us to win Big Sean Tickets for his show June 31.

  • Detroit Tears of Joy

    Back in December of 2012, Big Sean did a show in his hometown of Detroit and his emotions had the best of him during a performance of 'Memories.'

  • Getcha Some

    After meeting Kanye West at Hot 102.7 in 2005, Big Sean was signed by 2007, 'Getcha Some' was his first hit single featured on 'Finally Famous Mixtape Vol. 1'

  • Escorts to The Grammys

    Earlier this year Big Sean received his first Grammy Nomination for Best Rap Song and Performance for the Good Music single 'Mercy.' In honor of his first nominations Big Sean did not bring a non english speaking amazon of a woman he brought his two number 1 fans: Mom And Dad.

  • Big Shoes to Follow

    In 2012, Big Sean received an endorsement deal from Adidas. In December Adidas launched the 'Detroit Player' series of sneakers in tribute to Big Sean in Detroit, just a few days before his first show at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

  • Who's In Control??

    The infamous track featuring Kendrick Lamar that failed to make the Hall of Fame album. 'Control' has the hip-hop world buzzing, even though its all centered around Kendrick's verse, his still Big Sean's single.