A new Britney Spears track was leaked around Christmas day as a surprise gift for her fans.

Although it's not an official release it might be one her best songs as of late.

Check out what a more stripped down version of Britney showcasing her voice sounds like below.

According to MuuMuse:

‘Strangest Love’ might be the result of a collaboration between producer Guy Chambers and Ms. Brit. “While the original recording date is unconfirmed (for now), we do know that producer Guy Chambers published a song called ‘Strangest Love’ on BMI (credited along with Westlife’s Brian McFadden).

I think the most amazing thing about Britney is not how she has revived her music career, but how she has almost brought her personal life back to normal.

It seems like only yesterday that she was shaving her head and running over random people with her car.