Someone tried to break into Rihanna's 12 million dollar home over the weekend and it was all caught on camera.

Luckily Rihanna was half naked in Australia when thieves attempted to raid her Pacific Palisades home. Someone drove up her private road onto her property, walked to the backyard and threw a chair through a sliding glass door. They must have been scared off by the alarm because the never actually entered the house.

The police are still on the search for the burglars and they probably will have no problem finding them. See to get to the house you have to take a private road, and on that private road there are signs that read "smile, You're on camera"

This isn't the first problem Rihanna has had with unwanted visitors.  In February a stalker tried to break into her house but mistakenly entered her neighbor's pad. Then in June, another man was busted by her security team, after they spotted him creeping on her roof.