I think I am the magnet for the idiots of the day awards. I seem to daily find people doing dumb and outrageous activities.  Today I find a California kid who jumps over a moving car and fails but lands miraculously on his feet.

The amateur stuntman decided to jump over a moving car to prove his would-be skills.  While having a female friend drive her car towards him at 40 miles per hour, he jumps in the air and fails.  The young stuntman legs crashes the windshield and you think the worst is going to happen for him.

This brave Tarzana, California kid miraculously lands on his feet.  At any point of this careless stunt, this kid could have easily seriously injured himself or made this a fatal stunt.  I don't think he or anyone involved was thinking properly.  It was caught on camera by a female assistant and a stationary camera.

Daniel Jensen talked about his failure and miracle landing to NineMSN,

"I knew I had jumped too late, then I heard my legs hit the car and I knew I was going flying, so I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see myself flying through the air."

Do you think this kid is crazy or just practicing for his role in the next Avengers movie?  Leave your response below in the comment section.


via Gawker