2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Is It The King Of Muscle Cars? [Video]
The new Shelby GT500 is kicking up so much dust with it's new 2013 package and it begs the question, is this the best modern day muscle car ever?
This beast of a car is putting out 662 hp in the back wheels and still feels more than comfortable to be a everyday car, and lets not talk about the Super …
The Fastest, Tightest Parallel Parking Ever [Video]
The world record for parallel parking has changed hands five times in the last two years!  It is one of the hotly contested records that Guiness has on the books.
You are about to see the title change hands again, even if nobody's hand could actually fit between the two cars that parked.
People Run More Red Lights On Memorial Day Weekend
Running a red light is not an uncommon event considering more than 2.3 million people did it last year.
A new survey says that on Memorial Day Weekend, the number of drivers running red lights rises by almost 30%.
Women Are Better Drivers Than Men, Without Question
A study of traffic violations, collisions and insurance statistics of American men and women found women were much better drivers.
According to a safe driving study, about 80 percent of all fatal and serious U.S. car crashes were caused by male drivers.
100 Motorcycle Crashes In Asia [Video]
In Asia motorcycle crashes accidents happen everyday and someone was awesome enough to put together 100 of them for your enjoyment!
If this video doesn't scare you out buying a scooter then nothing will. Like I think everybody in this video died. (No one died in this video....I think)
Volkswagen Shows Off Flying Car Concept In China [Video]
The days of people complaining that we don't have a flying car yet might be over.  Volkswagen debuted this concept car in China, and even though I can't understand a single word in the video, I do understand one thing:
Little Kid Can Drive Better Than You [Video]
Some kids are born to be rocket scientist and some are born to Doctors but the lucky ones get to become drift kings!
Now just because hes 5yrs old (I think) does not mean he can't whip that car like a pro, which he does oh so effortlessly...
Never Let Your Live-In Stripper Drive Your Mustang
If you’re rich and your girlfriend happens to be a stripper, it stands to reason that you impressed her by throwing your money around. Moderation is important in all aspects of life, though, especially when it comes to letting stripper girlfriends get behind expensive cars they can’t han…
Best Craigslist Car Ad Of All Time
When selling a used car, it's important to point out the finer points of the automobile.  It's key to make the prospective buyer know that this is the car for them, and almost make them feel like they NEED to buy this car.  I've never seen an ad do a better job of that, than…

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