The Simpson Family in Real Life [Video]
It is crazy to think of all things 'The Simpsons' has accomplished. Since their initial run starting in 1989 this show has been on top of the mountain. Since 'The Simpsons' are an animated show I don't see Homer, Bart, Maggie, Lisa, or Marge, going anywhere anytime soon.
Celebrities Reenact Star Wars in 86 Seconds [Video]
It seems like whenever you turn on the TV or get on the internet the only thing people are talking about is Star Wars (and as of today Steve Harvey). On the first day of the showing, it was reported that the latest sequel in that franchise made $57 million.
Gary Owen Does Stand Up
Gary Owen has been around for almost 20 years doing stand up. He first got his big break on BET's comedy show Comic View. Owen found his niche when he start catering to mostly black audiences and he is still following that niche to this day. Since his debut to the Stand Up comedy world Gary has…
SNL Introduces Settl, the Dating App For Desperate People
SNL commercial parodies are at their best when they’re at their most scathing. The fake ad for a fictional dating app called Settl may not be as dark as that vicious, pro-gun parody from a while back, but it’s a different brand of cynical: Here is the app for people who are tired of tr…
Marlon Wayans Makes Fun of 50 Shades of Grey [Video]
It looks like the true King of Comedy will be back in the winter of 2016. No I am not talking about Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer or even Kevin Hart. I am referring to the man that has been been making America laugh since the early 90's on In Living Color. I am talking about Marlon Wayan…
90’s Parody Commercial
If you grew up you probably how great TV shows were back then. We had Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Rosanne, Hanging with Mr Cooper, Boy Meets World, City Guys and a host of other shows that were good, or that we thought were good but just too dumb to realize they were horrible.
Batman vs Superman: Rap Battle [Video, NSFW]
We are all aware and excited to for the release of the new Batman vs Superman movie in the spring of 2016. So as we all await for this joyous day, us non comic book readers have to sit and guess who would win this epic battle.
What Local Rappers Really Want to Say
It seems like everybody want to rap now a days. It also seems like when people rap they don't want to talk about their struggles but rather talk about their riches, which they usually don't have. Word of advice please don't talk about a Lamborghini if I saw you shopping at Aldi yester…

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