Riding Lawnmower Freak Accident [Video]
I recently heard some good news from the city of Flint. There are two vacant lots behind my house that I have been asking about for over a year and last week they told me I can buy them if I want for SUPER CHEAP!! My immediate concern was with the extra land being added to my house how will I be abl…
News Report Blooper [Video]
If you have ever worked in TV or radio then you were once starting off somewhere and you probably weren't that good. Hell I've been doing this for a few years and I mess up all the time.
Groomsman Knocks Over Bridesmaid [Video]
Weddings are probably the best thing man has every created. The union between people who love each (until they hate each other and get a divorce) is a very big and life changing experience and everything pretty much has to be perfect the day of the wedding.
Gospel Version of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love [Video]
Religion is always a touchy subject but if you are involved in church, then you know it is always tough trying to relate and to acquire new members. Older members think the traditional way of doing things are fine, and the younger members try to spice things up and try to make things less "…

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