What People are Really Thinking During Netflix & Chill [Video]
It seems like the term Netflix and Chill means something else. So depending on what your intentions really are, you may do a whole lot more than just chilling. But the actual process has to be awkward and a little nerve wrecking for the guy who invites the young lady over.
Honey Boo Boo Releases Hip Hop Video [Video]
I'm not going to lie to you I don't know anything about Honey Boo Boo besides the fact that she is a train wreck. When I read the words "Honey Boo Boo" and "Music Video" I knew I was in for some laughs, and I got exactly what I expected.
Riding Lawnmower Freak Accident [Video]
I recently heard some good news from the city of Flint. There are two vacant lots behind my house that I have been asking about for over a year and last week they told me I can buy them if I want for SUPER CHEAP!! My immediate concern was with the extra land being added to my house how will I be abl…

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