Nicki Minaj Freestyles With The Inside the NBA Cast [Video]
I guess it is true, every basketball player's dream, is to be in a rapper, and every rapper's dream is to be in the NBA. I mean think about all the Nba players that tried and the key word is "tried" rapping Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, and Ron Artest. On the flip side who …
Tre Melvin In The Funniest Interview Ever [Video, NSFW]
Tre Melvin is a comedian who has recieved the majority of his fame from his YouTube videos. I didn't anything about him until my 16 and 14 year old niece to me about him. After I finished laughing at his videos I put them on punishment.
Guy Goes Crazy At Thanksgiving Dinner [Video]
Thanksgiving is suppose to be a time to hang around family, friends, and people that you generally care for.Even if you do not like your family all you have to do is just pretend for a few hours then next year Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat.

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