Diet Racism Commercial [Video]
I really wish this was a real commercial because I would DVR this and watch it constantly. Because this is genuine pure comedy. Also, its a little true.
Key & Peele Talk About Consequences [Video]
I have been saying for a few years now that Key & Peele are the best at doing sketch comedy since the great Dave Chappelle. They are better than the God awful Carlos Mencia. Every week these two comedians prove me right.
Spider-Man Vs. Batman [Video]
Two of the more iconic comic book characters have to a very rich secretive playboy, and a very nerdy high schooler who lives with his aunt, who struggles to pay rent. Bruce Wayne vs.Peter Parker or as we all know them Batman vs. Spider-Man is sure to be a epic battle.
Goran Dragic Pranks Fellow NBA Teammates [Video]
As you can see from my last post, I am a fan and I encourage good Halloween Pranks. But the best things about pranks, are they are not restricted to a certain time of year and you can pretty much apply it to any situation.
Dead Girl Pranks People [Video]
There isn't a better natural high than to be scared out of your mind. There is something about not being able to control the situation that is both, terrifying and the greatest fear in the world. It is even better when the emotion of fear is genuine.

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