Cop VS Black Guy [Video NSFW]
I love to watch satire videos like this because they are not afraid to address the Elephant.
No matter how big or uncomfortable that elephant may be, the best thing is to confront it and to do it right away.
Katt Williams Talks About Suge Knight Being Shot [Video]
Kat Williams iss a very funny comedian but sometimes he can be off his rocker to say the least.
The night before the MTV Video Music Awards Suge Knight was shot and apparently Katt Williams was with Suge at the time, and was an eye witness.
Summertime Is Great Family [Video]
Summertime is probably the most popular song of all the 4 seasons.
Everyone has made a song about their favorite season, from Jay-Z, Will Smith,  Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry Calvin Harris and the list goes on.
Breaking News: Batman Vs. Superman May Be Canceled [Video]
Comic book fans and regular movie goers are salivating at the mouth for the upcoming DC Comics movie.
The upcoming movie (which is said to be released March 25th 2016) just so happen star two of the greatest comic book heroes of all time Batman and Superman.

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