Adam Sandler’s ‘The Do-Over’ [Video]
Adam Sandler is back with another movie, but instead of going to theaters, it looks like we can just stay home and watch it on Netflix. Over the last few years, Adam Sandler has made some not so great movies. But for some reason this one seems different to me.
Brothers Trick Sister About a Zombie Apocalypse
I think we all can pretty much agree that the scariest thing to experience would probably have to be a zombie apocalypse. I mean I don't care how manly you are, you would probably pee your pants or something even more embarrassing.
Jamie Foxx Tells a Joke About Prince [Video,NSFW]
The reason why I am such a stand-up comedy fan is because the comedians can say things that wouldn't be the norm in a regular situation. Many people forget that Jamie Foxx was one of the best to do it when he was known as a stand up comedian.
Headturners Running Man Challenge [Video]
Have you ever went to work, looked in the parking lot to see who is working with you, and then instantly realized you were going to have a crappy day? I know I have, but these guys from Headturners Auto must never have a bad day.
White Family Goes to a Black Barbecue [Video,NSFW]
I don't care who are or what your differences are, food will bring you together. Or at least that is my honest belief. If two people have two totally different beliefs or opinions, bring them together over some good food. I am not saying they will magically settle their differences or see eye t…
Arby’s Employer Describes Car Accident [Video]
When I ever I watch the news and they pan to an eye witness, I usually cringe because I know I will be seeing some ignorance. Well, in this case it is the exact opposite, this is pure comedy. During a news report a witness tells what he saw when an old lady crashes into Arby's in the middle of …
Sesame Street x Bone Thugs N Harmony [Video,NSFW]
What do you get when you put two 90's mainstays together? You will get the perfect mashup, and that is exactly what we got when someone put Sesame Street characters rapping to Bone Thugs N Harmony's "Tha Crossroads". I am so glad someone else gets it. This is the reason w…

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