NAACP Office Bombing in Colorado Springs Starts FBI Investigation
If you haven't heard, there was a NAACP office bombing in Colorado Springs early Tuesday morning and it has started a FBI investigation. It is not classified as a terrorist attack but seems to be more racially driven. They have a suspect in mind but are still looking at evidence.
Michigan Drug Traffickers End Up in Canada By Mistake
A couple of Michigan drug traffickers screwed the pooch earlier this year when they mistakenly entered Canada by way of the Blue Water Bridge carrying a hefty shipment of crack cocaine and semi-automatic weapons. Indeed, these indiscretions have resulted in a black and white Christmas for Tyvann Whi…
Spider-Man Vs. Batman [Video]
Two of the more iconic comic book characters have to a very rich secretive playboy, and a very nerdy high schooler who lives with his aunt, who struggles to pay rent. Bruce Wayne vs.Peter Parker or as we all know them Batman vs. Spider-Man is sure to be a epic battle.

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