2011 NFL Draft Mark Ingram 28th Pick Of First Round
The 2011 NFL Draft is still going on as I put this up, but I have to say congratulations to Flint/Alabama RB Mark Ingram going in the 1st round to the New Orleans Saints as the 28th pick! Not only was Ingram just announced as the cover boy for EA Sports NCAA 2012 he is now officially a NFL Running B…
Kids Smoke Out For 4/20 [VIDEO]
Evidently it's not "too" illegal to smoke on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder on 4/20. About 10,000 students gather every year to celebrate 4/20 and light up at 4:20pm.  This is put together every year by students and has no affiliation with the school what so ever and c…
Slut Walk 2011 [VIDEO]
Umm yeah it's exactly what it sounds like...Slut Walk 2011 of course it's in Toronto. This all started because a police or (mounty) told a group of women to "Avoid dressing like sluts" and that kids is how the Slut Walk began! Check it out for yourself.
R. Kelly Heading On Tour
Oh snap ladies! Get your underwear ready for Kel's, he's heading out on tour starting in June with Keyshia Cole and Marsha Ambrosius. It's all to support his 11th album "Love Letter" Bad News: the dates shown don't have R coming to Michigan...sorry! See the comp…
Best Kiss Cam Ever!
Leave it to a Canadian to finally pull off the best "Kiss Cam" in the history of Kiss Cam'ing. Of course it's at a hockey game so people are already bored...who can blame they guy for trying to spice things up a bit? Well done sir, well done.
Charlie Sheen Booed In Detroit![VIDEO]
So Saturday night kicked off Charlie Sheen's "My Violent Torpedo Of Truth" tour and he was booed off stage! I wasn't there because I had better things to do with my time (like hang backstage with Nicki Minaj) but from what I hear, people were walking out on him all night long and a roar of…
Rihanna Goes Country? [VIDEO]
I didn't plan of sitting thru 4 hours of country music on the Country Music Awards last night just to see my girl Rihanna, but I knew some over obsessed fan would put something on youtube Rih came out with some chick named Jennifer Nettles to sing "California King Bed" which just sounds bo…
Picture You Mallin’ Snapshot
Club 93.7's Picture You Mallin' is your chance to win a shopping trip to The Mall of Americas!  All you have to do is identify the Picture You Mallin Snapshot of the day.
Snoop Dogg Has A New Drank [VIDEO]
Snoop Dogg may already have some problems with a new caffeinated alcohol drink that hasn't even come out yet! Snoop is promoting a new drink called "Blast" similar to "Four Loko" and they are already trying to get it banned a month before it hits stores. Blast has 12% alcohol and…

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