1st Annual Crackhead Throwing Competition! [VIDEO]
It's exactly what it sounds like...First you find a crackhead that is willing to be picked up by a man. Second he has to let you throw him as far as humanly possible. Third you measure the distance and the furthest wins. Check out the home video lol
Hooo-ray Bat Catching! [Pic]
If you've ever thought catching a foul ball at a baseball game was hard, try catching a BAT!  Yes a bat!  Now try catching that bat and not spilling your Red Stripe in the process!  That's Mitch Davie did.
No NFL Means More Lingerie Bowl!
Whoever runs the Lingerie Football League...if I can even call it that. Says if there is no NFL season this year that the Lingerie Bowl will play on Sunday's!! As much as I'd like to see half naked TRY and play football on Sunday's, I have no intrest in playing Madden 2012 Lingerie Ed…
Naked Sledding! [VIDEO]
Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks this is the video! They do this every year in the UK. If I can get enough positive feedback, tomorrow night we will go naked sledding on Night Club 937...are you down? Check out the video
First Look At Detroit’s Robo Cop Statue

Now I can't say that I'm for or against Detroit having a Robo Cop statue downtown, but I can think of 5 better statues they could have put there instead! An investment firm said they would match the local Detroiter's if they could come up with $25,000 after Mayor Dave Bing turned down the idea of th…
Jay-z & Lebron Three Peat
Jay-z and LeBron does it again, three times in a row.  During All-Star Weekend, Jay-z and LeBron gave back the hosting city community.
Wiz Going On A Green Carpet Tour
One of the biggest Rap stars out right now Wiz Khalifa will head out on an "Eco Friendly Campus Consciousness" Green Carpet Tour April 1st. That's just 3 days after dropping his first album "Rolling Papers" on March 29th. Check out a pre-grammy interview with…
Drake A No Go On Wayne’s Tour?
Lil Wayne is heading on his "I am Music Tour 2" and will be in Detroit on April 2nd with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and NOT Drake. Club 93-7 will have your tickets to the show! You might see Drake you might not...see what Drizzy had to say and all the dates on tour!
Bruno Mars, Keri Hilson And Rihanna At NBA All-Star Weekend
What do Bruno Mars, Keri Hilson and Rihanna all have in common? No drugs or a crazy threesome are not correct, I already checked!! They will perform at  the NBA All-Star Game on February 20th. Bruno and Miss Keri Bay-Beeee will perform before the game in Los Angeles with Nick Cannon hosting the even…

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