Picture You Mallin’ Snapshot
Club 93.7's Picture You Mallin' is your chance to win a shopping trip to The Mall of Americas!  All you have to do is identify the Picture You Mallin Snapshot of the day.
Snoop Dogg Has A New Drank [VIDEO]
Snoop Dogg may already have some problems with a new caffeinated alcohol drink that hasn't even come out yet! Snoop is promoting a new drink called "Blast" similar to "Four Loko" and they are already trying to get it banned a month before it hits stores. Blast has 12% alcohol and…
Pole Dancing For Jesus? [VIDEO]
Some women in Texas are finding their inner stripper...for Jesus!! They get together every second Sunday each month and get it in!! A lot of people are upset with the group putting this class together, but I don't see a problem with it...WWJD?? lol Check out the video
Teach Me How To Brady [VIDEO]
This is just way to embarrassing, but I had to post the video! This more than shows that "White Guys" (not all) can't dance. Even though I love Tom Brady because he's a Wolverine...that is still no excuse for this nonsense!! Check out the video
Keggs & Eggs Party!
Club 93.7's Keggs & Eggs is back at Firkin & Fox for the 3rd year!  Thursday March 17th (St. Patty's Day) at 7am the party will get started.  Check out some of the pics from years past, and get all the info on this years party here!
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1st Annual Crackhead Throwing Competition! [VIDEO]
It's exactly what it sounds like...First you find a crackhead that is willing to be picked up by a man. Second he has to let you throw him as far as humanly possible. Third you measure the distance and the furthest wins. Check out the home video lol
Hooo-ray Bat Catching! [Pic]
If you've ever thought catching a foul ball at a baseball game was hard, try catching a BAT!  Yes a bat!  Now try catching that bat and not spilling your Red Stripe in the process!  That's Mitch Davie did.
No NFL Means More Lingerie Bowl!
Whoever runs the Lingerie Football League...if I can even call it that. Says if there is no NFL season this year that the Lingerie Bowl will play on Sunday's!! As much as I'd like to see half naked TRY and play football on Sunday's, I have no intrest in playing Madden 2012 Lingerie Ed…
Naked Sledding! [VIDEO]
Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks this is the video! They do this every year in the UK. If I can get enough positive feedback, tomorrow night we will go naked sledding on Night Club 937...are you down? Check out the video
First Look At Detroit’s Robo Cop Statue

Now I can't say that I'm for or against Detroit having a Robo Cop statue downtown, but I can think of 5 better statues they could have put there instead! An investment firm said they would match the local Detroiter's if they could come up with $25,000 after Mayor Dave Bing turned down the idea of th…

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