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Man Sues His Wife for Being Ugly and Wins $120,000 [Video]
A man from china finds out how ugly his wife was before cosmetic surgery so he divorced her and then sued for her for $120,000 and won!
The man first noticed when they had their first child and he realized it looked nothing like him or his wife. That's when she confessed that she had cosmetic surgery…
Drunk Girl Gets Beat Up for Talking Trash to Random Strangers [Video]
A drunk girl walks around filming and talking trash to random people and ends up getting her ass beat.
The ass whooping she got in this video didn't come quick enough. I got 30 seconds into this video and was ready to strangle this chick myself. Thankfully one of the girls she was talking trash …
Mom Boards Bus and Slaps Around the Bullies Teasing her Daughter [Video]
A New Jersey mom boards a school bus after realizing her daughter was being bullied by some kids and allegedly slapped the kid around!
Good! These kids need to be taught a lesson! The New Jersey mom is now being faced with charges (well duh) which include, criminal assault, criminal trespassing, and …
Redneck Rage Will Automatically Make You Feel Smarter [Video]
I have no idea what this video is about, or any clue about why this pretty young (maybe) girl is so angry. I do know that it is a perfect example of why every American needs high speed internet, and that her mom/hype man shows off her big saggy boobs. ENJOY!
Atlanta Waffle House Beatdown Over Homophobic Slur Video
An Atlanta Waffle House was the scene of a beatdown over a homophobic slur which was all caught on tape.  WorldStarHipHop released the video and it is starting to go viral. Violence caught on tape is getting out of hand and here is just another incident that could have been prevented.

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