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12-Year-Old Faced with Life Sentence [Video]
12-year-old is faced with a life sentence in prison for murdering his 2-year-old brother.
Well damn! The justice system is getting pretty brutal! Given that this kid did murder his younger brother, but when you hear his back story you will soon find out that this kid was  psychologically damaged…
‘Mama’ Makes me Scared of Little Girls [Video]
Mama is a movie based on two little girls being lost in the woods for 5 years and then try to re-adjust back into society. Sounds easy enough right?
No! Turns out these little demon babies brought something back home with them. Paranormal activity style!
iPhone 5 Is Officially Announced By Apple
The iPhone 5 is officially here after months of rumors and speculation were put to rest by Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller.  So how different is it different from the last iPhone?  You'll be surprised.

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