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ABC7 News Makes Epic Fail When Reporting Celeb Death
I was just going through my Facebook News Feed and saw my classmate post a picture ABC7 News station's epic fail when reporting Michael Clarke Duncan's death. I understand that everyone makes mistakes in life but this one is too obvious to let slide.
Which 810 Local Show Artists Should Open For Diggy? [Voting]
After a night full of performances at Club 93.7's 810 Local Show, it's time to find out who will be performing on stage at the Club 93.7 Back 2 School Bash with Diggy!
Check out the artist performances from Local Show below then vote for your favorite.
Mother Makes Daughter Fall Out Of Walmart Shopping Cart [Video]
The video shows a mom in Walmart intentionally jerking her cart so that her daughter falls out backwards on to the floor.
Concerned customers came over to the area after the mom could be heard screaming at her daughter for around 10 minutes throughout the entire store.

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