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Baltimore Student Forms The White Student Union [Video]
Baltimore student Matthew Heimbach has formed a group at the Towson University called the White Student Union. Matthew claims he isn't racist he just believes in Identitarianism which means he doesn't hate any other race he just wants to celebrate his ethnicity.
Of course you would exp…
28 Shootings in NYC within 48 Hours [Video]
Over the weekend an there was an outburst of violence in NYC with 28 shootings within 48 hours which ended with 6 dead and one young girl paralyzed from the neck down.
My prayers go out to the families affected by this violence and especially to the young girl who hit by a stray bullet. This is just …
14-year-old Has a Higher I.Q. than Einstein [Video]
Jacob Barnett is a 14 year-old kid with a Masters Degree and is on his way to obtaining a PhD in Quantum Physics.
At 14 years old I was still watching cartoons and struggling with the idea of what I wanted to be in life. This kid is on another level.
Michigan Approves Welfare Drug Testing
The state of Michigan has approved a proposal that may cut some welfare recipients benefits if they fail a drug test.
The Bill has been talked about for years but it was just approved in the beginning of May.
This Bill, which is referred to as House Bill 4118 would affect people who are seeking cash a…
Tennessee Senator Wants to Penalize Parents
A good education is the foundation of this great country.
Everyone should be entitled to a great education, no ifs ands or buts.
Most people believe in order to succeed in life you have to succeed in education.

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