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President Barack Obama Address Connecticut School Shooting
President Barack Obama addressed the Connecticut school shooting today from the White House.  Around 3:15pm on Friday December 14th, 2012 President Obama conducted a press conference to speak to America, especially residents in Connecticut.  While speaking, it was visibly noticeable that t…
Mom Gives 7-Year-Old Daughter Marijuana for her Leukemia [Video]
A mom decided to give her 7-year-old daughter Mykayla Comstock cannabis pills and cannabis oils to help her battle with leukemia making her the youngest cannabis patient ever.
Do you think this mother has gone too far? Or is she just trying anything and everything to help her daughter with her battle…
Zimmerman’s Defense Tries to Dig up Dirt On Trayvon [Video]
George Zimmerman's lawyers are getting so desperate that they are asking a judge for permission to gain access to Trayvon Martin's Facebook account.
This is a petty attempt to see if Trayvon Martin had a history of anger issues, and checking a person Facebook in my opinion will not change a…
Schools Want to Drop Cursive for Typing? [Video]
With the rise of technology a group of states want to drop cursive for typing!
I can understand why schools would wanna drop cursive hand writing. It takes time and money to teach our children these skills, and cursive is viewed as a dead art and a waste of time.
HIV Vaccine Could Be Ready in 5 Years! [Video]
Canadian researchers have cleared a major hurdle in the ongoing fight against HIV and have develop the first possible Vaccine!
The first trial in the series of testing was to see if the vaccine would have any adverse side effects. When everything came back good, the scientist had the green light to s…
Recreational Marijuana Now Legal In Washington and Colorado [Video]
Marijuana is now legal on a state level in Washington and Colorado for recreational use which means you don't need a prescription.
If you over the age of 21 you can indeed just spark up a joint and smoke it. This is the part that people don't understand. No prescription. No Doctors. Just Ma…

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