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Alex Jones Goes Crazy On Piers Morgan Live On CNN!!! [Video]
Alex Jones goes off on Piers Morgan live on CNN on the topic of gun control and it has the internet on fire!
Alex Jones is the king of conspiracy theories, and you can tell he's been waiting to go off on someone at CNN for a long time now. However you feel about guns is irrelevant when it comes …
Kid Suspended From School for Gun Gesture [Video]
A 6 year old first grade boy was suspended from school after making a gun gesture with his hand and saying 'Pow'.
Huh!? The school is saying that this has been considered a threat, but take in mind, this is a child! How many times have you as a child played with toy guns and pretended to sh…
A Bill To Ban Magazines That Holds Over 10 rounds [Video]
A bill by Diana DeGette a democrat from Colorado will be looking to ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds which would effect literally every modern handgun & rifle.
This new bill is being pushed hard so that they can take advantage of recent events, such as the Sandy Hook incident. Do you th…
Reduced Prison Time For Book Reports? [Video]
Brazil is now allowing inmates to write book reports to reduce prison time. I think this is a great idea!
Now everybody can't apply for this special program. There are requirements and you can only knock off so many days in a year, but this is a great step in actual rehabilitation. Instead of ju…
Bulletproof Backpacks for Kids are Selling out! [Video]
A small company that sells bulletproof backpacks for kids have recently had a huge surge in sales since the Sandy Hook incident.
Better safe than sorry. It's tragic what happen to those families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting, and since then it has sent a shock wave through America. Are we reall…

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