Zorbing Fun Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]
Let's start with a quick explanation of what Zorbing is for everyone that might not be familiar.  People sit inside a huge inflatable ball and roll down a hill until coming to a stop and throwing up everywhere.  So now that you're caught up you are probably asking, "What…
A Bill To Ban Magazines That Holds Over 10 rounds [Video]
A bill by Diana DeGette a democrat from Colorado will be looking to ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds which would effect literally every modern handgun & rifle.
This new bill is being pushed hard so that they can take advantage of recent events, such as the Sandy Hook incident. Do you th…
7 Photos That Are NOT Hurricane Sandy
Don't always believe everything Facebook tells you. If it was all true, do you have any idea how many dollars would've been donated to charity for liking that picture of a kitten? It can't be all true, and it's not. Here are some pictures of "Hurricane Sandy" ci…
Hurricane Sandy Spinning Toward East Coast
New York, New Jersey and other coastal states announced evacuations of citizens living in low-lying coastal areas on Sunday, as Hurricane Sandy and an accompanying storm surge threatened the East Coast of the United States.
‘Frankenstorm’ Is Heading For the East Coast [Video]
'Frankenstorm' is coming for the east coast of the United States, and this 'superstorm' is expected to cause over a billion dollars in damage by the time it's done!  So what is causing 'Frankenstorm'?  I'm glad you asked because a smart guy is here t…
Insane Baseball Size Hail Storm Hits Hard [Video]
People always exaggerate the size of hail stones after a storm, and it's nearly impossible to call them out since they usually melt so quickly.  I don't think anyone will dispute the size of these boulders falling from the sky.
Kai Really Wants This Tree Root [Video]
Kai the dog only wants one thing in life, and thats this tree root. How ever impossible it may seem Kai will try and try again.
I'm still a bit baffled at why this video has close to a million views in only a few days since it was uploaded! I don't get it?

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