Insane Baseball Size Hail Storm Hits Hard [Video]
People always exaggerate the size of hail stones after a storm, and it's nearly impossible to call them out since they usually melt so quickly.  I don't think anyone will dispute the size of these boulders falling from the sky.
Kai Really Wants This Tree Root [Video]
Kai the dog only wants one thing in life, and thats this tree root. How ever impossible it may seem Kai will try and try again.
I'm still a bit baffled at why this video has close to a million views in only a few days since it was uploaded! I don't get it?
Narls And Emerson Find A Bunny Surprise [Video]
I'm sure I sound like every other annoying parent in the world, but my kids never cease to amaze me.
The best part is that you never know when an ordinary day might turn into a story that I've currently heard and told hundreds of times now.
Paralyzed Woman Finishes Marathon [Video]
With the assistance of a device called Re-Walk a woman finished a 26.2 mile marathon. The crazy part is that she is paralyzed from the chest down.
She was able to do this by walking 2 miles a day and completed a task over the course of 16 days. Talk about courage...
Pigs Will Fly [Video]
Three little piggies get together and try enjoy a small meal until dad comes by and shows you that pigs can indeed fly.
The funny part about this video is the small noise the pig makes when it goes flying. It's so cute!
‘Mud Factor’ Is Coming To Club 93.7
'Mud Factor' is a 3.1 mile mud run that promises to challenge, entertain and stain you before it's all said and done.
The event is making its first ever stop in Michigan and Club 93.7 has your chance to get registered for the challenge.

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