‘Planet Earth’ If It Was Narrated By Kids [Video]
The ground breaking series from BBCAmerica, 'Planet Earth'  made it's debut yesterday and will continue over the next four weeks.
The video and images are some of the first times that anyone has ever seen the events in their natural habitat.  You would think that with footage…
Texas Tornadoes Throw Semi Trucks Into The Sky [Video]
Major tornadoes ripped through the Dallas-Fort Worth area yesterday wreaking havoc wherever they touched down.
The twisters canceled most all air travel and tore down homes, but the most dramatic footage came when one touched down at a truck stop.
Paraplegic Woman Goes Bungee Jumping [Video]
Never let anything get in the way of something you always wanted to do and this wheel chair bound woman shows you exactly how to do that by Bungee jumping!
How awesome is this! I walk perfectly fine but I'm to much of a punk to even think about bungee jumping...
Devastating Tornado Rips Through Dexter Michigan [Video]
Some heavy storms rolled through Michigan yesterday, with some rumored tornado touchdowns in our area.
None of the touchdowns in the Flint and surrounding areas were caught on video, and the damage doesn't compare to the twister that rolled through Dexter.
A Pod Of Beached Dolphins Rescued By People [Video]
Normally when you hear about a Dolphin rescue, it has something to do with a Dolphin saving a person in the ocean.
This crazy video shows exactly the opposite, as a group of fast acting people save a pod of Dolphins who were beached in front of them.
Scary Brown Bear Encounter With Tourists In Alaska
A group of tourists got a little more than they planned on while on a sight seeing tour in Alaska.
The group of 10 were watching a group of Alaskan Brown Bears, when one of the bears noticed them and charged the group.
This could have ended with a big lunch for the bear, but luckily the tour guide kne…
Mother Nature’s Top 10 Freakout Moments of 2011
Every year, Mother Nature likes to remind us who’s the boss and 2011 was no different. In fact, it was the second most expensive year on record for insurers, costing $108 billion. Here’s a look back at the 10 most memorable natural disasters of 2011 in chronological order.
Who Cares About This Planet [Video]
This video touches on what society is doing to the ecosystem and how we as people are too focused on gluttony to consider the negative  effects on our environment.
We all are guilty of not caring about our environment. To be honest a lot of us weren't raised to care. It's all about progression, about…
Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Around the US & Canada
The Northern Lights -- also know as, aurora borealis -- made a rare appearance last night (October 24th,) reaching as far south as Georgia. The reason the lights made their appearance so far south was due to the solar wind that reached much farther south than usual.
There were reported sightings comi…