Former President Bill Clinton Scheduled to Stop in Flint Next Week
I do not know about you but news of former President Bill Clinton coming to Flint is exciting. He will be here to support Democratic candidates for the governor and senate seat. Regardless how you will vote, you can't deny how cool it would be to kick it with Billy!
Michigan Lawmakers Duke It Out Over Vaporizers
Michigan minors may soon be banned from purchasing e-cigarettes. However, the verbiage of recent legislation, which in its most basic form is aimed at protecting children from the potential hazards of these devices, has some people concerned over how these smoking alternatives will be marketed to ad…
Michigan Considering Legalized Ticket Scalping
Michigan lawmakers are considering a measure aimed at repealing a 1940’s law that makes scalping tickets illegal. The State Senate Government Operations Committee is schedule to meet this week to discuss legalizing ticket scalping, which most artists and concert venues consider to be a underha…

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