Print 3D Guns At Home [Video]
Cody R Wilson is a kid who figured out to print a lower AR-15 receiver from a 3D printer that anyone can own.  Which essentially means at any point in time you can order every thing you need to assemble a gun from the internet at home.
Cop School Guys Openly Carrying Guns [Video]
A couple of guys walk around with an AR style rifle and a handgun to try and get stopped by a cop in order to flex their rights, but end up getting schooled by the coolest cop I've ever seen.
I'm all for open carry and the possession of firearms. But it just seems like these guys are trying…
Iran Wants To File Suit Against ‘Argo’
Iranian government is considering taking out a lawsuit against 'Argo'. Have you seen the film? If not, YOU NEED TO! Anywho, Iran feels that they were not properly portrayed during the sequence of events that unfolded during the 1979 hostage crisis between Canada, Iran, and US intelligence.
Macklemore Speaks Out Against Homophobia in New PSA
When he's not rapping about getting deals on secondhand clothing or performing in front of packed crowds, Macklemore finds the time to do some good. The 'Thrift Shop' rapper recently filmed a PSA to speak out against homophobia for You Can Play, an organization to stop anti-gay sentim…
Lupe Fiasco Thrown Off Stage after Making Anti-Obama Rants [Video]
Lupe Fiasco was thrown off stage from making anti-Obama rants at the presidential inauguration.
Who idea was it to invite out of all the rappers in the world Lupe Fiasco? This was the same guy that went on CNN and explained why he called our president Barack Obama a terrorist. I guarantee you the per…
5 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes We Wish You Heard More
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone turns to his historic 'I Have A Dream' speech as a point of reference.  Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the rare types of people that has said so many inspirational, intelligent things that most of them get lost over the years.  Here are te…

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