Do You Want a Facebook ‘Want’ Button?
Thanks to Facebook, we can now "like" just about anything on the internet. But what if you more than "like" something you see on the Web? What if you "want" it too?
Soon there may be a special button for that.
Can You Be Fired for What You Post on Facebook?
Most of us intuitively know that insulting your boss on Facebook is probably not the best idea, but what about other job-related opinions we have? More to the point, can you be fired for posting them?
A recent National Labor Relations Board hearing found that “overly broad” company policies regarding…
Can MySpace’s Hip Makeover Win You Back?
Remember back in 2005 when Myspace was cool? We blogged about our crush from middle school science class, took those "what would you do if..." surveys, and felt honored when we made it into someone's "top friends" box. Those were the days.
DMX Uses Google for the First Time [Video]
I understand that everybody might not be technologically savvy, but I figured that everybody knows how to use Google. Watch this video of DMX and his first time using the search engine.
Jimmy Kimmel Proves That The iPhone 5 Is All Hype [Video]
Jimmy Kimmel hits the streets to prove that the new iPhone 5 is all hype. Phones come and go like crazy and with apple you'll be buying a new cell phone every year.
But do you really have too? I the iPhone 4S is perfectly fine, and Jimmy proves that in this video.
Nintendo Wii U Competes With iPhone 5 For Preorders
The Nintendo Wii U competes with the iPhone 5 for pre-orders.  Last week news hit the internet about the iPhone 5 and people went Apple crazy.  Today I came across information that the Nintendo Wii U has done well in pre-orders as well.
iPhone 5 Is Officially Announced By Apple
The iPhone 5 is officially here after months of rumors and speculation were put to rest by Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller.  So how different is it different from the last iPhone?  You'll be surprised.
Are You Worried About Your Cell Phone’s Privacy?
Everyday we download and share tons of personal information right from the palm of our hand.  That may change though, as people are starting to become a little more aware of just how much personal information is shared.

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